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CSM Energy Solutions was established out of a strong desire by the founders to assist their customers and meet their facility's operational and financial challenges.

With recent events like the Wall Street crash (causing the economy to fall to an all-time low), global warming, temperatures rising to all-time highs and budget cuts across the board, it is clear that many businesses can no longer afford to “sign a blank check”, and or buy the new “flavor of the month” equipment. In one way or another, these challenges are indirectly transmitted to the entire industry and professional world of engineering, contracting vendors and other professionals connected with their operations.

CSM Energy Solutions has the skills, accumulated knowledge, integrity, and know-how to help their customers address their facility's challenges and to meet those goals by getting to know the customer, the facility, the performance needs, and expected realistic energy cost goals. Be very clear about this, not everyone can do it!

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When Facility Managers from a broad spectrum of company types and sizes were asked to report on the biggest and most challenging issues they face, five topics rose to the top:

#5 – Allocating work to the right vendors.

#4 – Making changes without having enough reliable data.

#3 – Getting more work done with fewer resources.

#2 – Finding ways to extend the life of existing assets.


In February 2011, the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) Journal published an article titled “10 Common Problems in Energy Audits” with the following results:

30% – Inadequate Review

53% – Overestimating Savings

57% – Inadequate Building Analysis

60% – Poor Building Descriptions

60% – Low or Missing Installed Cost

63% – Poor Improvement Selection

63% – No Life Cycle Costing

73% – Improvement Life Too Low or Not Provided

77% – Weak Improvement Scope


Although presently there is no national energy audit standards for commercial buildings, the ASHRAE article attributed the poor results to lack of training by the Auditor and/or the Project Implementation Team.

There Are Many Technical Aspects Involved in an Energy Audit, Building Assessment or Project Execution.

Understanding and keeping up with the advances in technology, safety and cost savings efforts in today's reality of building construction is complex in general. Among others: understanding facilities operation and maintenance, type of mechanical and electrical equipment, system design, estimating installed cost, building envelope improvements, building controls and lighting, air and water balance, and then, and not any less important, is including the understanding of people needs - human factors. The importance of comprehensiveness when applying energy solutions can only be found if the company you are working with is properly trained.

Michigan Commissioning Services - Energy Management, Control Systems - CSM Energy Solutions - knowledge1At CSM ENERGY SOLUTIONS we are qualified with a high level of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Energy systems design, installation and operation
  • Commissioning planning and process management
  • Hands-on field experience with interaction start-up, balancing, testing, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance procedures
  • Energy systems automation control knowledge

In other words, we are trusted advisors. We care about our customers.

Michigan Commissioning Services - Energy Management, Control Systems - CSM Energy Solutions - license1Licenses and Certifications

  • Michigan Saves Authorized Contractor (Click to View Certificate)
  • State Licensed Installers (Mechanical/Electrical/Building Controls)
  • ASHRAE-Certified (Click to View Certificates)
  • State Licensed Builders, Maintenance & Alteration Contractors
  • Recognized Award Winners on Energy Efficiency Approaches
  • Proven Experience in All Aspects of Installation & Design
  • Experienced Project Estimators
  • Knowledgeable in Facility Retrofitting with Countless Successful Projects on Record
  • Factory Authorized Technicians, Service & Start-Ups
  • Award Recognized Community Leaders & Philanthropists

Michigan Commissioning Services - Energy Management, Control Systems - CSM Energy Solutions - awards1Awards

  • 1990 Energy Efficiency Award – State of Michigan for Innovating Design
  • 2004 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition – For Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community