About CSM Mechanical

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CSM Mechanical has been a mechanical services contractor since 1998.

Our expert team brings over 30 years of experience in technical service and support, design, consultation and installation to the mechanical industry of Southeastern Michigan.

We are confident that CSM Mechanical can address your mechanical concerns, quickly resolve them, and exceed your expectations.

About CSM Mechanical - Michigan Mechanical Services Contractor - about2Our Approach – “Quality Through Innovation”

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CSM Mechanical is changing the way building owners and facility managers approach their mechanical systems needs through quality services, single source responsibility, and the implementation of tomorrow’s technology, today. This approach is accomplished by innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective performance within safe environmental conditions. 

By allowing CSM Mechanical to address your mechanical needs, you will have more time available to focus on your areas of expertise, which translates into greater profits and increased operating efficiency. Our services will provide dependable and reliable operating conditions to meet or exceed your specific needs and/or objectives, and we are confident that our commitment to mechanical service excellence assures your satisfaction on a 24-Hour and 7-Day a week basis.

About CSM Mechanical - Michigan Mechanical Services Contractor - about3Committed to Achieving Customer Goals

CSM Mechanical has earned our excellent reputation by providing quality mechanical services to industrial, commercial, and institutional clients who are leaders within their own industries. Our response is timely and cost-effective. The efforts and dedicated service of our management team and highly skilled field technicians makes CSM Mechanical the innovative and sought after mechanical services company it is today.

CSM Mechanical is a proud member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

About CSM Mechanical - Michigan Mechanical Services Contractor - about4Official Certification for Lochnivar and Laars

CSM Mechanical has received official certification from both Lochinvar and Laars, the leading manufacturers of commercial boilers. Our certification process provided us the skills, experience, and knowledge required to provide high-quality maintenance, repairs, and installations of their entire line of boilers. Contact us today for immediate service - we're available 24/7 to take you call!